Hertha Berlin: Introduction

The aim for me on Football Manager 2018 was to pick a team that I could play with throughout the life cycle of the game. Originally this team was chosen to be Eintracht Frankfurt but due to a number of circumstances the posts ceased and the save itself fell out of favour. Since then I’ve bounced around from save to save trying to find the ‘right’ team to start posting about, but the game itself hasn’t been all that fun for me and as such I’ve really struggled to find the motivation to stick to a save for more than a few weeks. Read More


Eintracht Frankfurt: Pre-Season

We’ve familiarised ourselves with the senior and youth squads and have formed a rough idea of the type of Football/System we’ll be trying to utilise, and pre-season would offer us a great platform to be able to chop and change between the set-up in an attempt to gradually piece together that winning formula. Read more

Eintracht Frankfurt: Squad Analysis

It’s currently 6:15am; only 12 hours have passed since the announcement of my hiring at Eintracht Frankfurt. I’ve never been a first-team manager before and the reality that I’m going to be managing a team in the top-flight of German Football still hasn’t dawned on me despite the number of pinches I’ve given myself. With my morning coffee brewed and the light beaming through the window of my hotel suite, it was time to work my way through the stack of ‘familiarisation folders’ that had been given to me by the club chairman Fredi Bobic. First on the list; Squad Analysis. Read More