About Me

My name is Alexander and I’m a 22 year old student who is currently studying a Finance based degree with a view to studying/working in Sports Finance. Away from Education I’m a keen Gamer and Writer which when you think about it, that’s a perfect combination for the site you’re currently viewing.

I’ve been playing Football Management based Games since Championship Manager 4 back in the days when I led Mansfield Town from Division 3 to bigger and better things with the likes of Iyseden Christie firing me to glory. The inspiration for this love of the Sport came from my Father who himself is a life-long Liverpool fan and someone who once managed Elburton Villa for two years, of which nothing major was achieved, unlike his respective LMA Manager saves.

Using this combined love for writing, sports and gaming I’ve recently started writing Football Manager based blog entries which seem to have picked up a fair bit of interest, for which I thank everybody. If you feel the need to provide any feedback, be it good or bad, please feel free to let me know!

Many thanks,