The Benfica Dynasty – The Finale

Top of the league, top of the Champions League group, a Club World Cup win and a chance of winning both domestic Cups, things were sharping up well for my final few months in charge of Benfica, we just had to keep the momentum going if I was to taste domestic and European success once more in Portugal. Read More


Tactical Analysis: Benfica 4-3-1-2

Since founding this blog I’ve only really focused on the story of my Benfica save so far, but haven’t gone as far as to read behind the lines, to get to the bread and butter of the save. For this post I will be analysing the tactic that has been developed and used throughout my 4 seasons with the club, my version of a 4-3-1-2 formation. I’ve never analysed a tactic before so will be using my own approach on things. Read More