Monaco Mission; La Grand Finale (Or is it?)

The UEFA Champions League; Europe’s most prestigious and sought after trophy. Since the founding of the competition back in 1955 there have been 23 different winners of the competition across 9 different countries while an additional 17 teams have tasted the bitterness of defeat on club Football’s biggest stage. Read More


Monaco Mission; Part Nine (S5)

Half a decade. That’s right, I’ve now spent half a decade here in Monaco and having taken the job in July 2016 I was all but certain I’d have been sacked by now; honesty and all that. We’ve started well and have quickly made Ligue 1 our own, but going into the fifth season could we maintain our dominance?  Read More

Monaco Mission; Part Seven (S4)

The 2018/19 season saw us lift our second Ligue 1 title in as many years while narrowly avoiding what would have been an unexpected unbeaten season. The team is really beginning to take shape of what I’m trying to achieve and heading into the 4th season of my Monaco reign, we needed to take more forward steps if we’re to continue to compete on all fronts. Read More

Monaco Mission; Part Five (S3)

“Championes, Championes, Ole! Ole! Ole!” echoed through the streets of Monaco long into the night as we celebrated our first title win for 18 years; it was a long and gruelling season but ultimately we came out on top and Football fans with a dislike for Paris Saint-Germain plastered posts everywhere on Social Media mocking the capital club, paying particular attention to their excessive spending in the transfer windows that could only bring home a French Cup. Read More